Brands Unite for a Good Cause – #MissingType

24 Aug 2016

A recent campaign known as Missing Type was announced by NHS (National Health Service) in the UK. The campaign urged the world to join hands and raise awareness about the scarce availability of blood types A, B & O, and created a movement which spread like a forest fire, compelling people to register and donate blood, because every blood type is NEEDED.

What we get to see here apart from the brilliant marketing strategy and the astounding concept is how you can get the world behind one cause, only if you think big enough. Brands from all over the world responded to this campaign by dropping the ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘O’ from their identity, to show support for the cause.

It’s not every day you see somethin’ like this folks.

The campaign brought our attention to the real issue at hand, after we were done gawking over their commercial that features brands as big as I Amsterdam and Google participating, by removing the letters associated with the blood types from their logos.

The aims of the campaign were plain and simple; to reverse this decade’s trend of declining blood donors and getting new donors to register. The campaign gained attention online, on national print and through broadcast coverage.

More than a 1000 brands participated and almost 500,000 people interacted with the campaign on Facebook. Over 30,000 people registered to donate as well. That’s got to be some kind of record.

Here’s the climax.

Did you know that over 6000 donations are needed each day? And, this is just in England. All over the world, thousands of lives suffer due to the shortage of blood each year, and the number keeps growing. Some donors who have been donating before may no longer be able to do so, which is why we are always in need of new donors. There is a lack of young donors, and donors of different uncommon ethnicities.

If Google can get rid of its ‘O’s’ for a campaign, you can get off that couch and go donate.

Just think about it. Isn’t it time we do our part? Anybody between the ages of 17 and 65 can give blood, so what’s really stopping us? Your body can make around 2 million new red blood cells every second. You can save a life by simply bearing the needle.

With that thought, Happy Donating!

Seth Rogan’s Grocery Store Prank


So Sausage Party is releasing soon and the movie’s promotional activities are just as brilliant as the film itself. I mean, Food, with feelings… Who the hell thinks like that?

Watch Seth Rogan show New Yorkers what’s what.

This Week’s Social Scoop

Updates, new apps, and a brand new playstation4 – this week was like an episode of Gossip Girl.

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Time to Rebrand? No Problem

There are always a wide variety of marketing strategies that you can go for when you are thinking of rebranding your brand on social media. If your competitive edge has been suffering because of an ineffective strategy, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Recreate Your USP: Redefine what it is that makes your brand unique. Your USP is what makes people choose you, and you need to make sure it is strong enough to attract a large audience.
  1. Get Expert Help: Hire a digital agency and use their expertise to breathe life into your brand. Finding one may be tricky, but social media experts are skilled in viewing your brand as a customer and fixing the glitches.
  1. Have a New Concept: Make sure that your brand is reinventing itself with a new identity. Even if you keep your identity visuals the same, there has to be something that you are now offering, which your prospects weren’t used to before. In short, enhance your skill set for a larger audience.
  1. Stay Consistent: Your social media efforts need to stay consistent in case you really want to achieve anything, so keep at it till you start seeing results.

That’s enough for now. See you next week!

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