iPhone7’s Got Us Going Wild

11 Sep 2016

Hold on, don’t go on trying to assess what this post is going to be about (you’ve got no freakin’ idea).

Sure the iPhone7 is out, the world is going crazy, chaos everywhere, all that, yes. Try to not look directly at the price though, might hurt your heart (or kidneys, you know, in case you have to sell them to make up for the purchase).

The new features are pretty amazing, so it’s hard to deny the new dual cameras, the lack of an earphone jack, and of course, water resistance (FINALLY!) add a certain charm to the device it previously didn’t have, and then the expansive storage options that we now have solve another common problem iPhone users had had just enough of. iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus will be available for sale pretty soon, but are we really going to give in to peer pressure and call the new device an innovation?

Nope, we’re not.

The basic design hasn’t changed a lot, which is why the only major change seen in the look are the two new colours – Jet Black and Black. Gotta’ say though, Jet Black is a really sleek and attractive addition.

The design is no longer matte finish – instead you get a glossy mirror touch. The home button has been redesigned too apparently, and now it has force sensitive technology, which can provide vibrational feedback for different kinds of alerts.

The iPhone7 has a new dual camera, but the real updates can be found only in iPhone7 Plus. The new camera has 2x optical zoom, and both the lenses can be used to mimic a shadow depth of field. Now that’s something interesting, and it makes you feel like they weren’t just fooling us, right?

Apart from that, upgraded front cameras, upgraded displays, upgraded everything – you get the gist.

The most interesting update are the wireless ‘EarPods’ and ‘AirPods’, and they are just as ‘fancy-pants’ as they sound. They can be connected to the device with Bluetooth technology and require no actual connection to the device physically. The real question is, do they come with GPS? And, if not, how the hell are you supposed to hold on to those things?

The EarPods can detect when they are in or out of your ears (ikr?), and the battery life is around 5 hours. So, technically, you accept the risks of losing these things before making the buying decision.

The iPhone7 is a lot different from the iPhone6, but to be fairly honest, it’s starting to become boring. If Ferrari still looked like what the first Ferrari looked like, you’d buy it as an antique, not innovative technology.

iPhone addicts, Good luck!

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Here are a few negotiation strategies that will help you go a very long way. YOU’RE WELCOME!

  1. Always Focus on Interest, Not the Position: Interests refer to outcomes that would be beneficial, and positions refer to your stance on the subject. Big difference.
  2. Have an “If then” Scenario (And, a back-up plan): Always assess the project at hand from all angles, figuring out all options you have. Makes the process much simpler.
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Hopefully that’s enough brain-food to last you through the holidays!

Have a Happy Eid!

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