YouTube is the Boss for Businesses Online

2 Sep 2016

To begin with, we all know what YouTube is all about. You share videos and get people to watch so that you know, you become famous after a while through this platform, right?

Um, nope. Wrong. YouTube has many perks to offer for businesses and individuals alike.

It’s the age of the moving image, ladies and gentlemen; no wonder videos are getting all the limelight when it comes to businesses.

Online videos are becoming popular among businesses for all the right reasons. On a daily basis, videos get 4 million views, which is ginormous when compared to other forms of media. YouTube is the 2nd largest platform in the world (Google & Facebook got the top spot), and one of the most visited websites by online users worldwide. Over a 100 hours’ worth of videos are posted on this platform every minute. This platform is clearly on to something huge, wouldn’t you agree?

For businesses looking to improve their traffic, conversion and sales, YouTube is the perfect driver. Here’s a bunch of reasons why you should be marketing your brand on YouTube for more businesses.

  1. Tap Into YouTube’s Digital Reach

This is a total no-brainer. YouTube can drive conversions at a fast pace, and it’s cost-effective. Marketing on YouTube can really help businesses break through a monotonous sales-cycle.

  1. Build Backlinks and Gain Traction on Google

Google is programmed to treat videos just like it does text-only web pages. All you need to do this is to write articles of hi-quality (featured on your website), and create complimentary videos to go along with them. This helps in building your website’s backlinks, which helps in enhancing traffic.

  1. Content Doesn’t Die

Once you’ve created your content, there’s no end to how many ways it can be repurposed. For example, one simple blog post can be turned into podcasts, infographics, presentations and even a series of videos. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Your Followers are Your Promoters

Add a personal touch to your videos and just watch the conversion rate soar up to unimaginable heights. Your followers are your believers, and you need to keep them engaged. Once you win them over, there’s no stopping what your brand can achieve.

Hunger’s Insatiable Buddy


Marketers, Assemble!

This week, we rounded up a mixture of informative and engaging content for you to explore. Check out what’s happening in the virtual world online and keep yourself informed to stay atop the game.

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A New Study Explains Why New Moms Post Excessively on Facebook, Sigh!


Have you ever noticed how new moms have their newborn baby’s picture set as their profile photo? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it.

At some point you start to ask questions like, “Hey, isn’t that your identity? It is supposed to show who you are at this point in time, right?”, and, one would hope that people understand these things so deeply.

It’s not like no one gets it; it’s a gesture of love, and we all love babies with their little toes and cute hands and round noses and what not. Yes, yes, your baby is way more beautiful than the next one. At what point though, does one realize it’s enough?

Who can tell even if the baby grows up to approve of all this publicity?

Sheesh, parents. You really can’t control them.

A recent research suggests that a lot of new moms feel the pressure of portraying a very healthy and positive image of motherhood, once they start to experience it. It’s an evolving way to represent your identity by promoting your family and all else you hold dear. Like your child, for example.

So basically, they’re emotional. They’re trying to express how much they love their child and their family, which has somehow turned almost a competition which could easily be named “Pakistan’s Next Top Baby” (Opportunists, start scribbling for ideas!)

The right way to deal with new moms and their baby posts is by learning the art of ignorance. You have already seen enough to believe that people may be lying on their social media profiles, and that most people usually are. True Story.

In other news, two Australian girls Instagrammed their epic holiday together all through 2016, gaining followers and a lot of appreciation for their beautiful pictures, before coming back home on a cruise ship and getting busted for trying to smuggle 95 kilograms of cocaine into the country. The point behind mentioning this absurd organized crime being, who can you really trust to be exactly as they portray themselves on social media these days?

We’ll tell you, NO-ONE.

Until next week, adios!

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