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Ginsoy Live | Building Character

There’s something oddly satisfying about building a brand image from scratch. Especially when the brand is something as new and innovative as Ginsoy LIVE.

Authentic Chinese delicacies served as a buffet with 50+ dishes – a rare accomplishment in our local food industry. On top of everything else, the eclectic idea of ‘LIVE’, struck our fancy, as we began imagining a million possibilities on how to capture the attention of a very niche market.

The task at hand was to maximize talk-ability of the brand from the very get-go; to drop onto the platform and be immediately recognized as something new and exciting that everyone has to be a part of.

So how do you come about disseminating straightforward, yet enticing information about something that is completely foreign to our target audience? You reveal bit by bit, only enough to tease their appetites for excitement, building anticipation for the grand launch of a new kind of food outlet – for the hip, the happy and the inspired.

With content that captures the essence of the brand, depicting showmanship and suave in the best setting there is – at Ginsoy LIVE, we began to get the word out and create a resonating buzz about all the excitement happening at the best buffet in town. Soon, customers began piling in, eager to try a wide variety of tantalizing Chinese flavors – all in a setting that makes even the fairest of them all, blush and shy away.

It’s safe to say, it was a launch well done.

What are you doing for dinner tonight?

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