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ICI Pakistan Limited | Echoing Real Change

One must wonder, how does a company go about changing its image from what it used to be, to what it is today?

It’s simple: To move past old brand associations, we build new ones; associations that tell their story from a new perspective, with informative and relevant content that not only helps the audience expand their view, but also allows the company to become bigger; better; and smarter.

With a legacy of revolutionizing local industries and sustaining a network that stretches all over the country, ICI Pakistan Limited came to us with a single-minded vision: to get the word out on all of the innovations and discoveries happening within their walls and convert their identity from a paints company, to Pakistan’s most successful manufacturing giant with a foothold in multiple industries, like Soda Ash, Life Sciences, Polyester, and Chemicals & Agrisciences.

So, we put our expert hats on and got to work.

It was time the world knew how much had changed – what kind of impact did that change really carry – and how far a company can go with a vision that is clear and strong.

With compelling content that delivered crucial information about the constant developments happening at ICI Pakistan Limited, we started to raise awareness on the company’s achievements, their presence, their growth and their core intention of benefitting this country with a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that reached out to the most vulnerable sections of our society.

Soon, the scales began to tip in our favor. People learnt about all the lives that ICI had touched, in ways that only ICI truly could. And in turn, they began to dance to our tune.

Today, ICI Pakistan Limited is commonly referred to one of Pakistan’s most successful manufacturing companies that are part of our lives in unimaginable ways, with innovative products that sustain life.

Mission accomplished.

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