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Shooper League | Creating Groundbreaking Trends

It happens very rarely, when a brand takes initiative to own a sport, provide a platform and create a tradition that could last the test of time.

Shoop – a product that caters to a young spirit and an active life – did just that.

By launching the Shooper League, we created a digital footprint that broke the internet on local ground, catalyzing the effects of a campaign that opens up avenues for the Pakistani youth in sports. The event was marketed across social media platforms and covered rigorously, as we went on amplifying reach with each post we make. With comprehensive post-match analysis and facilitation of LIVE coverage of the event on multiple platforms – we knew we were on to something big.

Then, the results started piling in: The campaign garnered engagement levels like never seen before for an event that offers a constructive approach towards promoting sports in Pakistan for brands across the aisle.
The content accomplished a magnanimous reach of 9,878.394, and impressions went as far as 12,870,987. The media went wild, reporting a successful execution of Pakistan’s largest inter-school cricket tournament – Shoop was covered by the likes of DAWN, Parhlo, Hello, Mangobaaz and more. The campaign hashtag started to trend, setting in stone the beginning of a legacy Shoop can really own.

Shoop went viral for all the right reasons and we can’t wait to do it all over again soon.

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