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South Asia Tour | Carpe Diem

“The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be” – David Oglivy

We tend to forget, but information is the best weapon of the 21st Century; and the best armor. When used intelligently to market a specific idea, information can help make the intangible tangible – the unreal real – the unimaginable, very much possible.

The South Asia Tour was an initiative launched by the United States Education Foundation Pakistan, in efforts to promote cultural and academic exchange between the two countries. Twice a year, a cohort of university representatives from USA travel all the way to Pakistan, visiting schools and universities to engage local students and provide avenues for academic opportunities in some of the most reputed institutes across America. A 10-day tour covering three major cities – Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi – with strict security measures, scheduled seminars, college fairs, information sessions and tourist activities in each location – a marketing challenge we were eager to take.

Devising a strategy that covered all aspects of the tour with engaging content that delivered essential information to the right audience – we started to create a buzz among the youth and build excitement and anticipation for the South Asia Tour. The trick of the trade was effective coverage of the scheduled activities to project an image of the brand that is supportive, engaging and highly able of helping you achieve your academic goals – we did that and more.

Year on year, the program grew to include more universities, introduce more representatives and expand operations by leaps and bounds. What began as a small initiative to create a platform serving as a bridge between universities in USA and students in Pakistan, turned into the country’s Largest U.S. College Fair to date, engaging students from remote areas and impacting lives in unique ways.

Bring us a challenge that creates an impact, we promise, we’ll seize the day.

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