ICI Pakistan Limited | Echoing Real Change

One must wonder, how does a company go about changing its image from what it used to be, to what it is today?

It’s simple: To move past old brand associations, we build new ones; associations that tell their story from a new perspective, with informative and relevant content that not only helps the audience expand their view, but also allows the company to become bigger; better; and smarter.

With a legacy of revolutionizing local industries and sustaining a network that stretches all over the country, ICI Pakistan Limited came to us with a single-minded vision: to get the word out on all of the innovations and discoveries happening within their walls and convert their identity from a paints company, to Pakistan’s most successful manufacturing giant with a foothold in multiple industries, like Soda Ash, Life Sciences, Polyester, and Chemicals & Agrisciences.

So, we put our expert hats on and got to work.

It was time the world knew how much had changed – what kind of impact did that change really carry – and how far a company can go with a vision that is clear and strong.

With compelling content that delivered crucial information about the constant developments happening at ICI Pakistan Limited, we started to raise awareness on the company’s achievements, their presence, their growth and their core intention of benefitting this country with a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that reached out to the most vulnerable sections of our society.

Soon, the scales began to tip in our favor. People learnt about all the lives that ICI had touched, in ways that only ICI truly could. And in turn, they began to dance to our tune.

Today, ICI Pakistan Limited is commonly referred to one of Pakistan’s most successful manufacturing companies that are part of our lives in unimaginable ways, with innovative products that sustain life.

Mission accomplished.

Shooper League | Creating Groundbreaking Trends

It happens very rarely, when a brand takes initiative to own a sport, provide a platform and create a tradition that could last the test of time.

Shoop – a product that caters to a young spirit and an active life – did just that.

By launching the Shooper League, we created a digital footprint that broke the internet on local ground, catalyzing the effects of a campaign that opens up avenues for the Pakistani youth in sports. The event was marketed across social media platforms and covered rigorously, as we went on amplifying reach with each post we make. With comprehensive post-match analysis and facilitation of LIVE coverage of the event on multiple platforms – we knew we were on to something big.

Then, the results started piling in: The campaign garnered engagement levels like never seen before for an event that offers a constructive approach towards promoting sports in Pakistan for brands across the aisle.
The content accomplished a magnanimous reach of 9,878.394, and impressions went as far as 12,870,987. The media went wild, reporting a successful execution of Pakistan’s largest inter-school cricket tournament – Shoop was covered by the likes of DAWN, Parhlo, Hello, Mangobaaz and more. The campaign hashtag started to trend, setting in stone the beginning of a legacy Shoop can really own.

Shoop went viral for all the right reasons and we can’t wait to do it all over again soon.

Raffaello | A Tale of Love

What is love? Is it a feeling, a sensation? Or just a mental state – An environment – A series of mere chemical reactions?

For us, it’s usually a story.

FERRERO wanted to localize content for their premium praline brand – Raffaello, ensuring they deliver a message of love and affection.

Creating a narrative that places our brand amidst all the glitz and glam of our eastern culture, laying specific emphasis on love and affection – we built an important connection between the audience and our product – a combination of coconut, almond, cream, a crispy wafer and love that always remains supreme.

South Asia Tour | Carpe Diem

“The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be” – David Oglivy

We tend to forget, but information is the best weapon of the 21st Century; and the best armor. When used intelligently to market a specific idea, information can help make the intangible tangible – the unreal real – the unimaginable, very much possible.

The South Asia Tour was an initiative launched by the United States Education Foundation Pakistan, in efforts to promote cultural and academic exchange between the two countries. Twice a year, a cohort of university representatives from USA travel all the way to Pakistan, visiting schools and universities to engage local students and provide avenues for academic opportunities in some of the most reputed institutes across America. A 10-day tour covering three major cities – Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi – with strict security measures, scheduled seminars, college fairs, information sessions and tourist activities in each location – a marketing challenge we were eager to take.

Devising a strategy that covered all aspects of the tour with engaging content that delivered essential information to the right audience – we started to create a buzz among the youth and build excitement and anticipation for the South Asia Tour. The trick of the trade was effective coverage of the scheduled activities to project an image of the brand that is supportive, engaging and highly able of helping you achieve your academic goals – we did that and more.

Year on year, the program grew to include more universities, introduce more representatives and expand operations by leaps and bounds. What began as a small initiative to create a platform serving as a bridge between universities in USA and students in Pakistan, turned into the country’s Largest U.S. College Fair to date, engaging students from remote areas and impacting lives in unique ways.

Bring us a challenge that creates an impact, we promise, we’ll seize the day.

Habibi | Capturing the Essence of Love

Every now and then, we get the opportunity to take on a challenge unlike any other, then break bounds, pioneer and accomplish what we set out for.

The American market is saturated with hi-fashion brands promoting fragrances, like Givenchy, Chanel, Tom Ford, Burberry, you name it – which makes it challenging for brands catering to a niche sector of the audience to generate talk-ability.

Such was the scenario for Habibi – a premium fragrance brand operating in American and Eastern markets with a stimulating task at hand – to establish a resonating, modern and diverse digital presence for products inspired by purely eastern elements. And so, we did.

We devised a riveting single-minded proposition, catering to every product range the brand carries, to create content that not only inspires visually, but integrates the product as a part of every special moment in life. Then, we revealed how affordable it can be to make life special with Habibi, with targeted ads that drive conversions and sustain traffic.

When Habibi became ours, page engagement sat at 17,404, Reach was at 530,313 and Impressions at 625,422.

Today, the frequency of Engagement has increased to over 30,116 and is rising each day, Reach has been amplified to 1,061,220, while Impressions have grown to more than 1,207,790.
In terms of a resonating online presence, let’s just say we doubled up.

Ginsoy Live | Building Character

There’s something oddly satisfying about building a brand image from scratch. Especially when the brand is something as new and innovative as Ginsoy LIVE.

Authentic Chinese delicacies served as a buffet with 50+ dishes – a rare accomplishment in our local food industry. On top of everything else, the eclectic idea of ‘LIVE’, struck our fancy, as we began imagining a million possibilities on how to capture the attention of a very niche market.

The task at hand was to maximize talk-ability of the brand from the very get-go; to drop onto the platform and be immediately recognized as something new and exciting that everyone has to be a part of.

So how do you come about disseminating straightforward, yet enticing information about something that is completely foreign to our target audience? You reveal bit by bit, only enough to tease their appetites for excitement, building anticipation for the grand launch of a new kind of food outlet – for the hip, the happy and the inspired.

With content that captures the essence of the brand, depicting showmanship and suave in the best setting there is – at Ginsoy LIVE, we began to get the word out and create a resonating buzz about all the excitement happening at the best buffet in town. Soon, customers began piling in, eager to try a wide variety of tantalizing Chinese flavors – all in a setting that makes even the fairest of them all, blush and shy away.

It’s safe to say, it was a launch well done.

What are you doing for dinner tonight?