2016 Was the Year of Instagram

6 Jan 2017

Instagram achieved a lot in 2016, and while many may still be throwing some shade over the popular image-based app’s recent successes, its growth is simply undeniable. After all, overshadowing Snapchat’s exciting filter-game isn’t easy, but Instagram has done it like a piece of cake.

So what was it that put Instagram on the map anyway; the massive following or the sleek new design?

Well, neither. It was their kick-ass strategy.

While Facebook is still the king of the social media world, all other platforms backed by Facebook remain at a sweet advantage.

There is actually a lot we still don’t know or understand about Instagram, and the popular photo-based app has been updated heavily last year. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say, Instagram is a very successful platform for small to large scale businesses and entrepreneurs today.

Business Profiles

Instagram’s Business Profiles went global at the end of 2016, and simply put, they function just like a Facebook page by allowing business users to use more tools than a normal user, like analytics. Businesses can amplify their reach on Instagram substantially with the addition of this feature. You can actually see your audience’s online patterns and the kind of content they prefer, and then strategize accordingly. Neat, isn’t it?

Content Promotion

Again, just like Facebook, Instagram now allows users to promote or boost their content in order to increase engagement right from the app. Previously, Instagram ads were a separate entity, but today, every well-performing post you have on Instagram can be turned into an ad.

New Identity

Instagram came up with a whole new look this year too, and the new minimalist design had us all going for quite a while. The icon is much brighter than before, and the app is a simple combination of black and white. Although this change doesn’t affect your business much, it’s worth an acknowledgement, don’t you think?

Instagram Stories

Yup, we all heard about it. Instagram launched an option that raised a lot of questions this year. Instagram Stories now allow users to upload photos and videos on-the-go while managing their personal feed separately. You can use an emoji or other tools to enhance your content, and create posts which expire in 24 hours. We know what you’re thinking, but hey, millennials need their fun too. Snapchat caters to a much younger audience than Instagram, and both apps still have their own distinctive styles. You know how they say imitation is the best form of flattery?

­­Multiple Profiles

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you can now switch between multiple Instagram accounts in the mobile app. Say goodbye to the tiresome business of logging in and out of your accounts over and over again. The cool thing is, you can add up to five accounts and simply manage all your Insta communities simultaneously.

Apart from all that, you can now check your algorithm feed to monitor how your content is doing to avoid losing traffic. The restrictions imposed on API earlier this year has also made Instagram more exclusive, and the perfect place to start marketing your business. Instagram’s effective strategy has enabled thousands of businesses to maximize their efforts and potential.

2016 may have been the biggest year for Instagram up till now, and we can’t wait to see what the popular app has up its sleeve for 2017.

Keep up with the charm, Instagram!

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