Battle of the Giants: Snapchat or Instagram?

3 Jan 2017

Let’s admit it, we’ve all wondered at least once why we still need both of these apps, and rightfully so! The Snapchat vs. Instagram battle has been brewing for ages, and who hasn’t really formed an opinion yet?

Most Snapchat users argue Instagram keeps ripping off the photo-based social media platform, and they’re not wrong. Instagram’s ‘Stories’ sparked a lot of debate with its recent release, but in the social media world, imitation seems to be becoming the name of the game. We’ve seen how Facebook has borrowed from many other platforms like the ‘Trending’ items from Twitter before, and that strategy has been working. Now, with Facebook’s sturdy support behind Instagram, Snapchat seems to be the one taking all the blows.

Let’s assess how the users feel, and what each platform offers:

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

While Instagram stories let you add text and emojis to your pictures before posting them, Snapchat’s engaging 3D filters are still running the game. Snapchat lets you upload content through just one track; stories, while Instagram allows posting on the feed and as a story.

It’s all about the filters baby

The face-mapping filters, geofilters and motion-filters you get to use with Snapchat are unique and allow users to upload location-based content. While Instagram filters allow you to change the color, brightness, and lighting contrast of your videos and photos, which is rather minimal.

Non-Millennial Friendliness

99% of Snapchat’s audience is under the age of 25, which explains quite a lot here. Instagram is serving as a platform that allows different age groups to come together and enjoy the fun of posting stories. To be fair, high schoolers aren’t the only ones looking to spend quality time online.

Larger Following

Instagram boasts a massive audience of 500 million, while Snapchat has 100 million active users on an average, which means that for every snapchatter, there are five instagrammers out there. You do the math. Instagram allows higher engagement and penetration because of their audience, while Snapchat is still comparatively a smaller, more exclusive community.


Snapchat may have a very loyal and active following, but the future seems to be much brighter for Instagram. Apart from being a very effective business community, Instagram has the support of Facebook, which is all you need these days to survive in the social media world.

Do you think Snapchat should’ve taken the 3 billion Facebook offered while it still had the chance?

Source: Digital Brand Expression

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