Has Your Newsfeed Been Trumped?

22 Nov 2016

There it is. The ‘unthinkable’ has happened.

America voted in favor of Trump and everyone’s still surprised even after almost a week has gone by. Not many of us have had time to process this, not that we needed to in the first place, but the protests and anti-trump rallies taking place in America right now speak for themselves.

It’s like we’ve all traveled back to the past, but the trip wasn’t fun.

We’ve already seen like 24 theories explaining why Trump won, and all of them are great, really.

It’s just that no one appreciates when their News Feed is filled up with posts about a dude you don’t particularly care about, and who might even be bothering you with his insults.

But here are a few things you can do to basically GET OVER IT.

Think about it, he is miles away; if you just stop watching his videos, he disappears. Facebook actually shows you content according to the things you see and search for. So, quit it and you’re free.

Unfollow the friends on Facebook who’re still ranting about it. If Trump’s orange hair and unapologetic smirk bothers you, ‘purposely’ avoid it.

Try to distract yourself with the cool winter breeze. Bring out the hoodies and the jacket, and savor the short-lived chills.

Try the Mannequin Challenge with your pals. There’s stuff about social media that is ‘actually’ engaging, so make use of it.

Check out these funny tweets from back when Trump announced his presidential bid. If you’re addicted to it, might as well look at the right kind of Trump updates. http://time.com/3922977/donald-trump-runs-for-president-funny-tweets/

Grab some chai, ditch the laptop, and get back in touch with your core cultural traditions, which can be summed up to this heavenly drink.

Revel in the joy of knowing it’s finally America’s turn to deal with crazies.

Get on with your life. There’s so much happening around you, let Americans be.

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