How to make your social media stories better

29 Jan 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, social media stories are the NEXT BIG THING, and they’re probably here to stay. Every social media platform now has the Stories feature (Sorry Snapchat), but its availability has no effect on the skill that produces good stories. Almost sad, isn’t it?

Well, not anymore.

Here are a few tips that can improve your story no matter the platform you are using.

Polls Are Great!
Involving your audience is key. That is the only way you will get the kind of engagement every brand is looking for. Instagram’s “poll” sticker does just that. This feature can be useful on gaining insight on what the audience prefers and helps in creating strategies accordingly.

Go Behind-The-Scenes
Let the people know! Take them on a trip, and talk to them about all the roadblocks and triumphs you experience. This helps you create a personal connection with your audience.

Use Links In Your Stories
Take people directly to your website by embedding your website link in your stories. This can be effective for increasing traffic on your website, and fast!

Tell An Actual Story
It’s amazing how this works. Try making a sequence of your posts that takes your audience on a little trip into your world. Don’t forget to add a link to the story so the audience can read about the author.

Use Geofilters
Let your audience know where you are. Your Geofilter could showcase an event your company is hosting, a product launch or just a plain day at work. The point being, anything works as long as you know how to keep it interesting.
Even though the trend is relatively new, it’s gaining traction real quick. So show some love to your brand’s stories by giving them some room in your social media marketing strategies.

Increase Effectiveness
The stories you put up as a brand usually help in giving your audience a more a personal experience of what your business is all about. They also provide a new avenue for creative content that gets higher visibility. Using stories as a marketing tool can have a huge impact on social shares and reactions as well, so it doesn’t matter if your work of art disappears in 24 hours, because that’s the beauty of disappearing media.

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