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Education USA Pakistan is a network of the U.S. Department of State with more than 400 student-advising centres across the globe. Promoting higher education in the USA to students from numerous countries, EdUSAPakistan helps institutional leaders offer comprehensive and accurate information to students who wish to explore their academic options in the United States.

We were tasked to help spread awareness about the brand while engaging a larger audience through social media, and create an identity for EdUSAPakistan which was vast enough to accommodate all the different kinds of programs the organization offers.

With no content strategy the brand lacked an individual image and a proper tone of voice, a very specific and repetitive design tone was being used excessively and the average reach (1285) and the engagement (10,117) remained constant and dry. There was no differentiation between various programs and the content being used lacked aesthetic value.


Our Approach

Making sure that our content remained diverse and interactive, we created a strategy that could withstand any lack of content, and maintain the identity of each program both individually, and as a whole. We created a dedicated Content Frequency Distribution Plan to help achieve our objective to provide informative insights into the educational opportunities in USA and drawing a positive depiction of American culture.

We began to lay emphasis on one of the programs to educate the audience about how the program can be helpful. We divided the content into two categories, as follows:

  1. Prepared Content: The secondary content available and churning it into creative story telling by exercising emotional and rational content delivery.
  2. Generated Content: The content generated by students and counsellors during the program run-time and sharing it with the audience to help elucidate the exposure students acquire while studying in USA.

Within a month, we were able to bring up the aesthetic value of the brand and increase its penetration to an extent where the audiences have now stabilized and are eager to find out more about EdUSA Pakistan’s upcoming ventures.



As we started managing the social media outlets of the company while implementing a fool-proof strategy, we managed to turn the statistics around and yield amazing results. By the end of July’16, the number of organic likes of the page increased to 10058, from a mere 658. The reach for the month of July was 5,563,016, and the engagement tripled to 416,255. We established a tone of voice which helped the audience discover different programs being offered and generated engagement around each program. Overall, relevancy of content and its delivery led to a professional looking page for Facebook fans, fun activities displayed on Instagram for its followers and LIVE updates for Twitteraties by connecting them to the activities.spamming

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