Ginsoy is an extremely popular Chinese restaurant chain operating in Karachi. For the 2015 Cricket T20 World Cup, we were tasked with creating a social media event that stood out from the campaign other similar brands would be churning out.

We decided that we needed to tap into the audiences, more than the game itself. Cricket is more than a pastime in Pakistan. It is an obsession. Everyone has an opinion and everyone seems to know who will win before the match even takes place. The idea was to give them the perfect chance to put their predictions to the test.

Thus, the Ginsoy Extreme Match-Up predictor App campaign for Facebook was born. The first of its kind in Pakistan, the App immediately attracted thousands of entries and introduced a new element of cricket madness to the already cricket-crazy Pakistani fans.

The app featured a real time leader board for competitive fans and constantly updating prediction pages that would change to show the most recent world cup match results, and user scores. As a whole, we created a highly interactive App that kept the users intrigued till the very last match. A total number of 1880 users registered on to the app and played along with Ginsoy, because of which the Extreme Match-Up campaign was upgraded and introduced again in 2016. This time around, over 3000 users registered within the first week of the launch.

The app proved to be of astounding success and generated a great amount of traffic to the Ginsoy Facebook page, as well as its website, securing its reputation as one of the most popular restaurants in the Pakistan.

Posted on March 20, 2016 in casestudies

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